BatesCast - what next for charity fundraising?

May 18, 2020

Charity fundraisers around the country are urgently dealing with unprecedented challenges. In the face of extreme financial pressure on charities, what is happening to fundraising, and how can practices be adapted? In this podcast, we speak to Lawrie Simanowitz, a partner in Bates Wells’ Charity and Social Enterprise team, along with special guest Dan Fluskey. Dan is head of policy and external affairs at the Institute of Fundraising.

Lawrie and Dan share what they’ve been hearing from heads of fundraising across the sector and look ahead to what an ease in lockdown could mean in the medium and long term. In just 16 minutes we discuss important themes including:

  • commercial partnerships
  • lotteries,
  • contracts, and
  • key tips and advice for fundraising professionals.

BatesCast is a new podcast series delving into all things legal relating to the new normal. Over the coming weeks we’ll be providing other bite-sized legal insights intended to help you understand and navigate a way through this difficult period.

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